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This year alone, we have had hundreds of job applications from applicants rejected at entry point just because they failed to do some simple things in applying for the jobs. Job seekers needs to realize that the way and manner they apply for a job position gives off an impression – justified or not – about who they are and their suitability for the job.

It is sad that despite the high competition for the insufficient numbers of job vacancies available in the country today, many candidates shoot themselves in the feet even before the journey even start. So, we decided to compile a list of 5 things that candidates do that highly increase the potential of their job application being rejected.

1. Submitting CVs without specifying the Job Applied for

This is very common. Applicants wrongly assume that the recruiter’s email address is meant for only the advertised job vacancy. So, they send their CVs with message titles like – “Attached here is my CV”, “CV’, “Ajasco* CV”, “My CV”, “Application”, “Submission of Resume”, etc. How is the recruiter supposed to know what they are applying for?

An extremely patient and caring recruiter may take time to download these CVs and even call the applicants for more information. But I doubt if such recruiters are yet to be born. The easiest route we take is to save ourselves from this headache by ignoring or deleting those CVs.

Best practice is follow the advertiser’s instruction for submission. Find and read them! The standard practice is to have a standard application title such as – “Application for ….” Or “Re: [Insert Vacancy Title]”

2. Submitting CVs without a Cover Letter

This is another common and needless omission by applicants submitting CVs to an email address. In many cases, many do not bother to add any message at all (if their email application allows them). Some just write – “FYA”, “Please find attached”, etc.

Recruiters sometimes want to assess your ability to write well which often account for why they may even insist that you submit a cover letter in the first place. Doing that and doing it well without being told sometimes give applicant an advantage over others.

The best practice as usual is follow the instruction on the job announcement. The standard practice is to write a short cover letter regarding the job. It does not have to be an epistle, just something that shows that you are meticulous, professional and motivated.

3. Submitting a Corrupted Document File

This is not as common as the two previous issues but happen nonetheless. Applicants send their CVs in Doc or PDF formats but recruiters find it difficult to download or open the file. Some files are either corrupted or infected. Whichever one it is, it is a bad news that burst your bubble.

4. Submitting CVs without reading the full job posting or advert

Perhaps due to the way news are shared nowadays, it is common to get a word-of-mouth or summarized versions of job adverts than the original and full version. We have been shocked finding out that some of the candidates we invited for interviews did not even see the full job posting. So, when it comes to discussing the job, they are found wanting.

The key lesson to note here however is that some do not even get the chance to be shortlisted for interviews because they missed out some key information when submitting their applications.

Out advice to applicants is to always seek to get the full information about the job posting and especially seek for specific information on mode, form or process of application.

5. Submitting CVs with outdated, insufficient or unreachable contact information

Well, this is the final one at this point. Unbelievable you might say but stranger things happen every day. We always wonder why some people will send a well put together CVs and then omit or put the wrong or unreachable emails or phone numbers.

Our advice is that applicants should always have backup contact information added to their other details so that their application don’t get turned down due to frustration arising from difficulty in contacting them.



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