New times come with new challenges and require new solutions. This is the reason for the conception and emergence of The Hill City Consulting Limited (THCC), a 21st century human capital, organizational, and social development company committed to the attainment of excellence in all areas of human, organization and societal endeavors.

about us

The Hill City Consulting – THCC – (Rc. 802315) is a Nigerian company with a primary commitment to helping the country attain its immense potential and a vision to extend her unique services to peoples, organizations and societies in Africa and the rest of the world. Our company’s primary goal is to strategically and continually build the capacity of Africa’s vast human resource to design and operate successful systems both in their organizations and the larger societies that enhances chances of Africa’s development and the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). We also conduct research and design programmes that would facilitate the realization of this singular goal.

Our Services are termed solutions and are designed to focus on what we considered to be the three (3) fundamental levels of human existence namely individuals, groups/organizations and societies. These solutions are categorized as:

  • Personal Development Solutions
  • Organizational Solutions
  • Social Development Solutions
  • E-Solutions

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