job application rejected

5 ways to get your online job application rejected

This year alone, we have had hundreds of job applications from applicants rejected at entry point just because they failed to do some simple things in applying for the jobs. Job seekers needs to realize that the way and manner they apply for a job position gives off an impression – justified or not – about who […]

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impact evaluation

Conducting Impact Evaluation in Nigeria: Theory vs. Reality – Part 1

Few years ago, I was asked to carry out an impact evaluation (IE) of a donor-assisted project in one of the states in Nigeria as part of the project’s mid-term review. The first challenge I ran into was the unavailability of an approved and acceptable baseline study that would have provided the much-needed baseline data […]

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oil palm

The Social Relations Of Oil Palm Production In Nigeria: A Veritable Tool For Sustainable Rural Development

Sustainable development has previously been proffered as a development mantra for practices that seek to be ecologically sensitive and economically sound. However, development challenges, especially in rural communities of developing countries has revealed a lacuna in this conception of sustainable development. The challenges of sustainability of development interventions in rural communities of sub-Saharan Africa in […]

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Investment Opportunities In Nigeria’s Roads Sub-Sector

The current democratic dispensation has opened up a vista of opportunity for private sector investment opportunities in sectors hitherto considered as exclusive preserve of the government. The government has taken the necessary steps by signing into law and evolving various requisite policies that will facilitate the achievement of this objective. Today is there is a […]

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Salva Kiir Mayardit

South Sudan… not yet uhuru!

9th of July, 2011; the whole world stood still as another nation joined the community of independent nations. South Sudan became the 193rd nation to become independent. After over fifty years of civil war and bloodshed, resulting into the death of some 2 million Sudanese, the citizens of the new nation celebrated almost in disbelief […]

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African Union (AU): An Enemy of African Democratization?

Many have criticized the role and stand of the African Union (AU) regarding the ongoing uprising in Libya. The AU called for a ceasefire by all parties and set up a 5-member team made up of 5 Heads of States to mediate peace talk between the rebels and the Government of Libya. They also made […]

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Towards Commercial Agriculture in Nigeria: A Case for Animal Traction

Today, Agriculture employs about two-thirds of Nigeria’s total labour force, contributed 42.2% of Gross Domestic Products in 2007 (GDP) and provides 88% of non-oil earnings. The agricultural GDP is contributed by crops (85%), Livestock (19%), Fisheries (4%) and Forestry (1%). More than 90% of the agricultural output is accounted for by small-scale farmers with less […]

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How to Justify the Impacts of Development Projects in Africa

There is hardly any government I know or have heard of in Africa that willfully reported failures of any of its implemented intervention project. The implications of course are there for us all to see and its one of the causes of low level of development in Africa today. How do you determine whether a […]

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