The world we live in today is highly advanced in computer, information and communication technology. What we see today is however a tip of the iceberg as the future would be defined by technology in all facets of human existence and endeavors. ICT and computer technology has impacted significantly on the way and manners we do our jobs and live our lives. That is why The Hill City Consulting is committed to extensive research and development in this area.

We seek to deploy the most effective and people-centered ICT and computer technology to our client operations as well as drive societal development through friendly and effective technology.

Our e-solutions include the following core services:

Training and Capacity Building

We have the require expertise and manpower to develop our clients expertise and adeptness in the deployment of various ICT and computer technology to different areas of their work operations such as  project management, finance and accounting, record keeping and database management, statistical analysis and mathematical operations, management information systems (MIS), organization communication and information dissemination, tasks performances, etc. These training are available as local and international levels.

Software Development

We develop computer software, custom-built for our clients’ unique operations.


We also provide consultancy services in the basic areas of ICT design and development for organizations’ use. These include website design, content development and general management, local area networking, systems and network security, job training software development, e-education software, and e-advisory services in the areas of software recommendation and use, ICT adaptation to organization work process, etc.

We maintain active network and collaboration with leading ICT and IT providers in and outside the country towards ensuring that our clients are kept up-to-date on all emerging best technology. We also pay special attention to ergonomics, providing advisory services that would ensure an optimal man-machine interaction that would brig about the expected high performance.

The Hill City Consulting

The Hill City Consulting's primary goal is to strategically and continually build the capacity of the nation’s vast human resource to design and operate successful systems both in their organizations and the larger societies.

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