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Our corporate solutions are designed for organizations in both the public and private sectors. They are specific solutions targeted at assisting organizations in both public and private sector operate at an optimal level of performance. This is in line with our firm belief that shaping organizations and groups in the society is key to achieving societal development goals.

Our solutions cover key areas of organization operations and are classified into 4 major categories namely: Training, Corporate studies, research and analysis; Recruitment, placement and selection and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Our training covers broad aspects of organization training needs such as applied management, project management, administrative and secretarial management, human resource, finance and accounting management, leadership, governance and management control, works ethics, marketing and technical services, occupational safety and health management, etc. They are available at both local and international level.

Corporate Studies, Research and Analysis

We also carry out corporate studies, research and analyses in diverse areas of organizational needs. Examples include Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Organization Performance Analysis, Staff and Task Audit, Organizational Diagnosis, Stakeholders Assessment, Job Design and Analysis, etc.

Recruitment, Placement and Selection

We are also armed with qualified specialists as well as proven and tested techniques for successful recruitment, selection and placement of staff.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We also develop corporate social responsibility (CSR) or corporate citizenship strategies and models for private sector organizations. Our strategies and  programmes are novel and designed to match the organization’s unique characteristics such as its products, location, corporate vision and mission, clients and customers, shareholders and stakeholders, etc

The Hill City Consulting

The Hill City Consulting's primary goal is to strategically and continually build the capacity of the nation’s vast human resource to design and operate successful systems both in their organizations and the larger societies.

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