personal development

Our personal development solutions include training, workshops, seminars, internships and test programmes specifically designed to build specific skills for personal effectiveness in people. We have solutions for different categories of people such as corporate executives and workers in the public and private sectors, students, development staff, workers, youths, women, etc.

Some of these programmes are listed below:

  1. Entrepreneurial Training and Programmes
  2. Personal Effectiveness Training and Programmes
  3. Leadership Training and Programmes
  4. Youth Empowerment Training and Programmes
  5. Pre-retirement Training and Programmes
  6. Internship and Volunteer Service
  7. Psychological Testing and Counselling

These programmes are organized corporately for organizations and are also ran as open or in-house programmes

The Hill City Consulting

The Hill City Consulting's primary goal is to strategically and continually build the capacity of the nation’s vast human resource to design and operate successful systems both in their organizations and the larger societies.

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