social development

Our social development solutions include services designed to assist both the public and private sector achieve the targets of the globally embraced Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). We therefore offer a wide range of services across diverse sectors such as agriculture, commerce, public health, education, environment, rural development, etc. We have various expertise in designing, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating programmes and projects in these broad areas.

Our core services in these areas are:

Training and Capacity Building

We provide local and foreign training on diverse areas of development projects management such as project design, project cycle and implementation management, project finance and procurement management, project monitoring and evaluation, project stakeholders’ management, project communication management, project conflictmanagement and other key areas. We train all categories of project stakeholders from project management unit staff, project key actors and players within the implementation framework to grassroots project managers and beneficiaries.

Development Research and Studies

We carry out development research and studies in all development sectors and also in identified areas of project research or study needs. Examples include baseline studies, beneficiary assessments, project evaluation and impact assessment, etc.

Development Consulting

Our range of expertise also include carrying out consulting services for development organizations in diverse areas of project management such as process documentation research (PDR), independent project monitoring and evaluation, local development plans evaluation, project report writing, etc.
Other important areas of our development consulting are designing and facilitating public-private partnerships (PPPs) and packaging unique programmes aim at social development.

Social Empowerment and Re-engineering Projects

Music, movies, media entertainment, sports and other associate experiences are powerful forces of social influence. At The Hill City, we believe that these forces could be directed at positive ends and employed as methods of social empowerment and reconstruction. Using novel techniques in entertainment programme design, packaging and implementation, we shall engage these experiences for the greater good of the nation and her people.

The Hill City Consulting

The Hill City Consulting's primary goal is to strategically and continually build the capacity of the nation’s vast human resource to design and operate successful systems both in their organizations and the larger societies.

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